Change, regardless…

As you step out on A path of empowerment or expansion you will come face to face with people who disagree with your expansion goals. I don’t necessarily mean that they will have a nice conversation with you and try to help you arrive at a better place. I Mean that you will be confronted by people who want You to stay just as you are. Expand anyway.

You will realise that as you feel and act more and more empowered, people will more strongly attempt to keep you where you ‘used to be.’ Don’t be surprised when the people who seemed helpful or even the ones you looked up to, start doing and saying things which make you feel a bit uncomfortable or stir your emotions in unpleasant ways. It’s all part of the process. That’s actually when you know you are on The right path.

The truth is that people will want you to stay as you were because it’s more comfortable for them and their lives that THEY don’t have to change to accommodate you. They can’t help it. I should say, we can’t help it. We all do that… mostly subconsciously. The more self-aware ones will catch themselves and reverse it or at least take steps to reverse it. Not all will do that however. Some people are just totally oblivious to the fact that they are doing their best to keep you contracted and small. In fact, they don’t see it that way at all. For some, all they are seeing or allowing themselves to see is that you are doing unusual or strange things that make them uncomfortable. They will see that you are doing things ‘non-typical’ of you. Just remember- If you are only doing the same things you have always been doing and acting the same way you always acted or having the same attitude you always had, you will be living in the same old state you always lived in before. There is no expansion in that.

You must keep on changing and transforming until you are in the state of being that satisfies your soul. Truthfully. We all want to keep expanding and not all of us ever get to that place of complete satisfaction. We can however get to an empowered state of being, where we actively live life at the top of our game and handle the stresses of life with an uncommon level of power, peace and joy. This is empowerment. This place is never about other people. Other people can only help to show you whether you are there or not there, based on how you react to things they say or do.