Don’t window-shop away your life. Buy In.

Don’t window-shop away your life.

U can’t achieve greatness with the same techniques you used to perfect mediocrity. Likewise, you can’t achieve health, wealth or a relationship with the actions, thoughts and and behaviour of a sick, poverty focused uncompromising man/woman. Your results in life are not time-bound but they are MIND bound. Results you seek are not there waiting for God to finally make you worthy but are dependent on how worthy you see yourself in the face of a limitless concept of God.

You WILL prove the things you consistently say, think and believe about yourself. Even if you want something contrary to those things, you will not be moving in that direction. In other words, you will not create an experience contrary to the the thing you say you are. I’m not saying that you won’t want to but you won’t create and live what is contrary to what you really believe.

Even when you operate in a particular realm, if you don’t believe that realm is for you then you won’t embody it. Many of us are just window-shopping in the very world and spaces where we exist. While passing through the spaces that we value, work and even operate, many of us are simply passing through. STOP PASSING THROUGH YOUR OWN DREAMS… LAND. Stop being a dry land tourist operating as if you don’t belong where you want to belong. WHEREVER you want to belong, you can belong. The whole world is yours to master and claim. If you have a core belief that positions you on the left however, your conscience will not allow you to have the fruits of what’s on the right.

Your conscience is the way your consciousness validates itself. If you can’t have or do a thing in good conscience you won’t have it. Even thieves make valid reasons to excuse their actions. They must, or they cannot steal. We are validating our beliefs on a daily basis. We prove our beliefs on a daily basis. We step into our beliefs on a daily basis. And if you want to know what those beliefs are, look at your life.

If your core belief is in poverty, you will not be able to justify continued success and prosperity in your MIND. Yes, good things can and will happen to you but you will not be able to live lastingly in good effects if the foundation of your belief is “I don’t deserve this.” Look at your core beliefs today. Explore and examine them in the light of truth.

If you find yourself wanting something and yet you are unable to manifest it, just KNOW that you have a core belief that runs counter or contrary to that thing. That thing we are speaking of could be a healthy relationship; your education or degree; a home; the car if your dreams; the career of your dreams… whatever it is.

Yes, this is self sabotage. But let’s look at it from the point of view of the frame you have set for your life. If in sculpting you have cast a frame for a box, when you pour in clay, you will not get a ball. In other words, if you shape a core belief that you are not smart enough, you will not pass your exams with flying colours…EVEN IF you complement your core belief of not being smart enough with the decision to study hard.

Likewise, and I know deeply about this one because it is a personal epiphany that triggered the writing of this post- If you have a core belief and self-label that you are not an academic, no matter how many things you do that fall in line with academia, you will not ‘allow yourself to qualify.’ You will do things and NOT DO things, in complete support of the belief that destabilizes anything and everything contrary to who you say you are.

So let’s bring it all together to end. Let me bring it all home:
– Don’t window shop away your life.
– Land in dream territory and create a life there. It is only possible to live your dreams when your core beliefs support it as a reality for you. If in good conscience you cannot allow yourself to be, do or have a thing, then it won’t manifest. You will just keep passing through the space, enjoying the sights and window-shopping, then return home to the life that YOU can believe in. Claim to be it. Believe in the very nature of who and what you say you are.

Dig up those old concepts of you that no longer fit and restructure them. You must reimagine and re-engineer your concept of yourself. Work with your conscience. Work with your consciousness. Even if you go through all the motions and movements that imply that you are in a space and yet you know you are not actualizing the good results you desire, ask yourself some serious questions like:
What part of me feels uncomfortable with the concept of myself in this area of life?
What core belief is contradicting me at every turn when it comes to self actualizing in this area?

Much of the time when it comes to you, there will be a realization that you have always known this – so why was it a mystery… The thing is that we hide truths from ourselves when we don’t want to face up to the responsibility of having created the life we are living now and the experiences that we are stepping into. Face your beliefs and dismantle them bit by bit if they are keeping you imprisoned to the life experiences that no longer serve you. Many of those core beliefs were created as a defense mechanism anyway. We all fall prey to it at some point in time. Something negative happens and we feel emotionally uncomfortable so we create a statement about ourselves that justifies the negative thing that happened. We then concretise this negative thing in our soul with repetition and strong emotion, and by attracting experiences to it that supports the original idea. Dismantle the unholy core beliefs in the same way. Do a search for experiences that prove the opposite of what the negative core belief has been holding you prisoner to. Stay locked in to your your good. Rename and reclaim it.