You must Become it to BECOME It.

It’s not easy to achieve something big and meaningful. If it Was, everybody would be fulfilled and leading lives of power and prosperity. That’s the way it should be but that’s not the way it is. And part of that is because of how difficult it is to accomplish those big dreams. It’s hard. Sometimes life seems to make no sense but it’s in the pushing through that it all makes sense.

Adopt the attitude of the state of success you want. Adopt new Thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions.

The dramatic irony of becoming the person you want to be is that you must first become it in your soul before you become it in real life. This space I’m calling the soul is the space where your imagination and dreams meet your body and its experiences. It is more than just dreaming. Your soul is the space from which the “consciousness” or awareness of yourself as a physical reality  is active. Your soul is the operational centre for your life and livity. It is not Just the brain. The brain functions within the soul. Soul is spirit, mind and body in one. Soul is MIND and it is from this MIND that your reality is created.  You must embody, emotionalize, visualize and internalize the new state of being in order to become it. You must step into it like you would step into new clothes. Better yet, step into it like a new skin.

This ‘stepping-in’ process is more of a MIND activity than a physical step, although there are ways to physicalise it as well. This stepping into it is a way of creating a whole new world in your MIND that feels like the real deal, even before the deal is real. You know what coffee smells like but do you know what money smells like? And Yes, literal money has a distinct smell- but the smell of money is more than how that paper substance called money smells. You must saturate your consciousness with the thing. Experience it fully in as many ways as possible before you will experience it in real life in the way you want it.

One of our weaknesses in life when it comes to manifesting the life experiences that are meaningful to bus is that we will not discipline our MINDS. In order to grow into the person we want to be, that discipline is necessary.

Growing takes risk. Staying the same and stagnant feels safe but it is the greatest danger to your soul. Not growing makes you a victim of time. Every time you allow yourself to grow you are rising in consciousness and that’s very important but not necessarily easy. The truth is that we always want to go higher and become better, live as a higher version of ourselves. We want things and experiences that are fulfilling and that make our life a better place. We often believe that we know what this new life as a higher, better version of ourselves will look like but very often we are simply not ready for it. We simply have not felt or believed it in the depths of our soul. Take time today to ready yourself for the growth you say you want.

The old school saying is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” That has mostly been replaced in the new thought world by “I’ll see it when I believe it.”  This believing doesn’t come cheap or easy. It takes a kind of mental work that many are not willing to do. It’s not hard physical work but it takes a decision that many are not willing to take. You must decide to do whatever it takes to be ready for that NEW YOU. Make sure you are ready for what you ask for.

The things we ask for won’t look familiar to us when they are coming to pass. They are not yet part of our mental framework and our experience and so might not be recognizable when we see them. We think we know what success looks like because we have seen the outer show of it on others. We need to be aware that the outer show or manifestation of something we asked for has internal beginnings, stirrings, stimulus that might not look the same as that outward show. In other words, becoming a million dollars richer per month might not look like money dropping in your lap. It might look like someone offering you an opportunity or a job that seems terrifying or like work overload. It might feel like an intuitive push to go in a direction you are not used to but feels right and won’t go away.

You are much more than anything happening to you. But you won’t be able to see it with your eyes focused on what is in front of you. You can only see it with your imagination. You have to place your SELF somewhere in the future when all this is over and you have manifested something great.

Go THERE first in mind and your body, world and experiences will take you there.