Answer the call on your soul

Answer the call on your soul.

When you DON’T step into your greatness you feel depressed and unhappy and can’t say why. The world stops making sense although the world is just as it has always been. It is YOU that NEED to be different. Answer the call of your soul. It doesn’t always come as you are born. Sometimes it waits until you have amassed the skills you need to be ready.
So until you are ready, don’t stress and distress yourself with a sense of frustration because you don’t have a sense of your life’s meaning and your right vocation. Everything you do is leading you there. You just need to stay awake to possibilities, your intuition and your feelings. I believe that it is by investing in creating a life premise, understanding purpose and following passion that you get to that meaning.

Work it out. Your life is a call to purpose and passion. It is not a call to follow others and play small and be told what to do. That’s the easy way out and that is for sheep. You are called to live your purpose and follow your passion. That’s the only thing that will truly satisfy you. You will only be satisfied when you are SELF ACTUALIZED and you will never be self actualized for as long as you are not ‘Vocationally Accurate.’

Vocational Accuracy is a state of livity where you are clear about your life premise, you take responsibility for your purpose in life and You courageously follow your passion. Anything else is disempowerment and cowardice.

So now, let’s talk about your life premise. A PREMISE is basically the foundation of an argument. In this context, it is an underlying overarching statement you are making about your life and what it is meant to do. In other settings, your life premise and your purpose in life have been described as the same thing. I see them differently and have separated them for the purpose of clarity.
So let’s talk a bit about your purpose.

Your purpose comes from a sense of responsibility. It is a combination of two things.
1. The area of life that you feel compelled or interested to contribute to, such as- religion; politics; finance; social work; academia; the arts; education etc.
2. Your careful carving out of a niche in this field or area of life, based on your unique mental qualities; your interests; talents; interpersonal gifts; intellectual capacities; temperament and other personal attributes.
No one can tell you what your purpose in life is. You have to find it and know it from the inside out. You also have to know what your passion is.So let’s take a little time to speak about passion now.

Your PASSION is what you feel happy doing in good times and bad.
Your PASSION is what you lose track of time doing. You may forget to eat or drink or even sleep when doing it. When you are in the zone of your passion you are in THE ZONE. Nothing else matters…much.
You PASSION is what you do when no one is watching and when they are watching it might be an added bonus but not essential to your Joy.
Your PASSION is what you would do even if you never get paid for it. Being paid for it is a bonus but you can’t NOT do it. It is your soul song.
When you are in tune with your purpose and your passion you are like a seed planted in the garden of possibility. You are already a seed planted in consciousness. You must ensure that your are consciously aware of the state of being that you want to be in and that your soul calls for.

All too often, we search for meaning in word concepts that have outlived their use to us. We still persist in this as if the muddiness and obfuscation that comes with the throwing around of overused words will support a better life. Not so. Not until we bring clarity and understanding to the conversation.

Perfect your joy in life by self actualizing. Explore and create a life Premise and follow yiur purpose and live your passion. Premise aims your in a good direction, purpose inspires you to move and passion ignites and excites you along the path. MW AH Michael Holgate