Stop looking in Dirty Mirrors

Stop looking in dirty mirrors.

Don’t look in those  mirrors that distort your face and shape and image and reflect poorly on you. Don’t even look in those mirrors in poorly lit spaces that don’t show you how bright your future is. And haven’t you ever noticed that when you are in a place where you don’t feel comfortable or at ease, you just never look as beautiful as when you are using that special mirror that always make you look good – that mirror in the place where you KNOW you are loved.

And just so you know… we are talking about real mirrors…. but we are also talking about people who reflect you back to yourself through words and actions. One of my mentors Joseph E. Robinson always used to say “We are all just mirrors bouncing.” I reflect you and you reflect me.

Stop looking in dirty mirrors. Ever noticed that around certain people you act a bit confused and become more of a klutz- stumbling around and even falling… stumbling over words… forgetting things you would naturally know or remember… Don’t worry, it’s just the mirror you are looking into. Now before you start blaming other people for their dirty mirrors, take time to ask yourself why you find it necessary to look in them. What if you choose to see yourself through your MIND’s eye first and… well always… just as you choose to be. Then dirty mirrors would only be a reminder of where not to look.

So here is an important question for you:
HOW WOULD YOU ACT IF WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU SAW THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BECOME… as opposed to the person you see yourself as now- that person struggling or even climbing the ladder to become it? What would you do or say differently? How would you even think differently or react to what you come across?

Your mirrors often tell you who you are not- but keep your MIND’s eye fixed on who you are.

Your human mirrors will tell you that you are not as big or good or important as this or that person. Simply say yes I know. Don’t try to convince them that you see yourself rising. They won’t understand. If they saw themselves rising they would have no difficulty seeing YOU rising. Don’t get feisty. Just don’t play small. Keep calm internally with a ‘knowing’ half-smile on your face. You do know something they don’t know. You know the power of big dreams and vision. You possibilities are endless and you have techniques of empowerment that will keep you rising. You are unstoppable. You know you are enough… not just ‘good enough’ – because that means you’re fitting in nicely. No! You are enough. You stand out by being outstanding and within the concept that you are ENOUGH for ANY task and any situation.  Don’t allow anyone to make you feel small by comparison with someone who has already scaled that mountain. No one remembers the struggles others face in the scaling of mountains.

Operate from the place and space of seeing in the mirror the person you intend to be. Let that be the reflection that you internalize. Let your life reflect your dreams Not your fears. Let your life reflect your empowerment not the limited views and myopia of the people around you. Let your life reflect your possibilities not the half-baked ideas of people who feel comfortable speaking down  ideas and have no record of accomplishment beyond their speaking. Let your life reflect YOUR Truth, not comparisons with competent others whose trajectory is different from yours…  not better not worse just different.

People see you through their own insecurities and doubts. Don’t make those people YOUR mirror.