Become a perfect storm

You must Become a perfect storm

We know about the destructive capacity of storms and hurricanes. They come on land from the sea and wreak havoc and destruction leaving many broken things in their wake
Why not do that with the emotions and things in your life that are no longer serving You? Create a perfect storm that addresses all your emotional neediness issues; your insecurities; your negative self-talk; your self-doubts… wreak havoc on them. Move through like a hurricane and decimate them.

Ok. Thank was very dramatic but you get the idea. Move through your mental-emotional MIND space and attack the negative emotions and thinking. Keep your positive emotions locked into the basement of your home- safe and sound. And then when the perfect storm is over, pick up the pieces and start over. Better to be the storm than to have the storm wreak havoc on you.

I’ve found that many people live in storms of depression. But that is only because they are not identifying what specifically is bothering them in any moment. And so the issues of those many moments of disappointment or emotional uncertainty or pain become a storm of confused negative emotions. The emotional discomfort of one thing seeps into the issues of something else and it becomes a a storm of emotional pain that can’t be fully explained or addressed because it really isn’t one thing.

If we want peace of mind, we need to start deconstructing these storm clouds and addressing things individually as they arise. Ask yourself- Why am I really feeling this way? Or… Is this the best use of my emotional energy? If you dont want to feel that way or have a better use for your emotional energy storm on through and let go of what is no longer serving you. Blow it away. Rain love and Joy down on your life, no matter the circumstances that present themselves. Your job is to wipe out the traces of the undesirable emotions and rebuild a whole new world in your mind space. Be unrelenting. Become that perfect storm. MW AH Michael Holgate