Just a thought… victim or empowered

There is no such thing as an empowered victim. You are either one or the other. If your emotions are running your life and you are dwelling in the unfortunate state of being the victim of a lost cause or a lost love or a lost dream… YOU are CHOOSING disempowement and victimhood.
We get into downwards emotional spirals that don’t really feel like falling. Just a circular motion that feels almost level, but the trajectory IS down and that’s where you are heading if you don’t get a hold of yourself. So jump off the emotional racehorse. That’s all it is…

When you know that your emotional horse race won’t bring you peace or any kind of winnings, why do you keep investing? You race along a pointless racecourse, tethered by someone else hands and driven to the point of tiredness and frustration… to what end?
Know when to Release and let go. The joy of life can be a flood so stop drip dripping in occasional happiness then going back to the hurt that signals your lack of understanding. Step out of it.

Don’t let your emotions break you. Emotions are a good follower but a cruel taskmaster. So choose them and use them. Choose the emotions that elevate you. Use the emotions to elevate you. It’s not always easy but always necessary.

Reach for the higher, better feeling place. Reach for the joy in your soul. Catch yourself speaking up the negatives and JUST STOP IT. Catch yourself dwelling in complaints and take action instead. Catch yourself judging others and step away. Catch yourself being a victim and choose empowerment instead. MW AH Michael Holgate