Step confidently into destiny

Your biggest test is often ur biggest leap into destiny. So leap. But you must be able to trust yourself or you will be useless to any one else. And Anyway it’s not about THEM… It is about self. You can leap into destiny, doing and being great if you have more faith in your capacity and ability, than fear in what you think you lack. Once you know that you are capable of learning whatever you need to know, then you are ready for that leap. You don’t need to know everything right away. You just need to know that:
1. Everything is ‘knowable’
2. There is always a way
3. You have access to that way

One of my favourite quotes is from THE WORK OF THE CHARIOT – and it says “When a man takea one step towards God, then god takes more steps towards that man than there are sands in the worlds of time.” Take your step. Even if you don’t believe in a god presence or force, take the step. There is something mighty in you. And you are a living testimony of that. When you woke up this morning you proved again how powerful a connection you have to an unimaginably wondrous life source. Live into that now.

Confidently step into destiny. There is no other way to achieve your goals. The absence or lack of confidence is not the much touted virtue of humility, it is distrust of self and of God and of life itself. Step away from false righteousness and self defeating concepts. You gain nothing by staying small even if you are only pretending. Practice makes perfect. Don’t perfect your insecurities or people pleasing habits. Perfect your faith. If u can’t trust yourself to stand up for yourself then your living is an empty promise. You will never be able to deliver to the world beyond what you can claim, attain and sustain from within the depths of your own soul. Your confidence and willingness to step out in faith is the power that transforms your world.