stop short-circuiting your life and empowerment

Stop Short-Circuiting your Life and your Empowerment.

When you feel disempowered Don’t judge yourself harshly, any more than you would if you were walking past foul smelling garbage on the road. Just don’t pick it up and take it home with you. Judging yourself and dwelling on the state you’re in, is like picking up the foul smelling mess and taking it home with you.

Many of us are bad teachers to ourselves. We use negativity to teach ourselves and show favouritism to others (over ourselves). We allow insecurity in and do everything to defend our negative self-talk and our doubts rather than impart knowledge, truth and love to self.

You also feel disempowered when you evaluate yourself and your path against that of others. Whenever you do that you will lose out because YOUR path will NEVER be as good as it could be if you’re on another person’s path. It simply is not your path. It may be close to someone else’s but never the same.

Dont force fit yourself into a career or love or friendship or jeans or anything that is not working out for you. You cannot do that to yourself. Instead, Go to the end. Spend time with the person you intend to become… even if you don’t exactly know how you will do it…or even if you don’t know what exactly you will become. Spend time with your future great self. Spend time with the future greatness of you from a firm decision based on your EMPOWERED NOW state. Then make time irrelevant. Live it now. Enjoy it now.
Truthfully, the EMPOWERED NOW is never about the past or the future. It is about knowing that YOU transcend them both. When you live in the EMPOWERED NOW you can face up to obstacles, knowing that you are much more than them.

You are greatness embodied… if you could just believe and know it.

The past is gone so you can choose again. The future is not yet come so you can choose how you live into it. That is real power. You can take steps now to deal with anything you will ever encounter. There is always a way.

Many people are not aware that their distress and depression comes from the fact that they have collided their past with their future and so short-circuited their present. In electrical terms, “A short circuit is an abnormal connection between two nodes of an electric circuit intended to be at different voltages. This… can cause circuit damage, overheating, fire or explosion.”

Likewise, you short circuit your EMPOWERED NOW when you make an abnormal connection between the energy channels of the past and the energy channels of the future. That action takes away your power by: limiting your understanding of the power of choice; eliminating your sense of unlimited potential; reducing the infinite possibilities to a mere repeat of what has already happened. Ridiculous. Don’t do that to yourself and allow no one to do that to you.

Your past is not your future unless YOU make it so. Yes, as human beings we choose to repeat patterns again and again because it makes us feel safe and comforted. We create rituals and habits out of our daily lives to control our fear of the unknown but sometimes this backfires… Especially when we regurgitate experiences of the past to define ourselves and so create an unwelcome familiar future.

Your power is in what you believe, think, say and do in this moment. Power Up in this present moment, no matter how your circumstances look and you will circumvent the effects of the past and claim a more desirable future. You power up by:
1. Using your self-talk (all those little thoughts and idea running around in your head about who you are and what people have done to you and what you have done to others and what all of this means… Yes your self-talk… the constant chatter and conversation you keep up with). All self talk is not positive and in fact most times it’s not. Most times our self-talk is simply a reflection of negative self concepts held against our will. So power up by choosing a positive self talk statement and work with it all day. Something as simple as “All is well.,” can work. BUT don’t leave it there because

You power up by also
2. Creating a mental picture or image of the end result of the best possible experience in the situation. Use your imagination and construct a scene that would happen if you were experiencing a fully empowered reality.
3. Creating the emotional space you would be in if you felt fully alive and empowered.
4. Acting as you would if the situation was already as you want it to be.
Go power up yourself… beat the short circuit blues. MW AH Michael Holgate