Lenten Reflections (out of season)

When you see yourself as a ‘worm in the dust’, a blessed shower of rain can seem like a flood of pain. But it is your basic…starting premise about yourself which is the culprit. You cannot easily and joyously accomplish things worth mentioning if you don’t feel worthy of mention yourself. Self righteousness, false humility, persistently negative self-talk are all ego deceptions. You have been taught a lie. God does not reside in the experience of your shame and debasement and does not need you to lower yourself for a future ‘high.’ God resides in the magnificence of a butterfly and the joy of a sunrise and most powerfully in You… when you are at your highest and best and totally accepting self and accepting being all the love that is possible through you. You are a water droplet in the wave of goodness that is God. Your very breath is the essence of God’s grace. You can be nothing less than ABSOLUTELY WORTHY. Prove God today. MW AH Michael Holgate


Always get the support you need. Always get the support that’s available. Always put yourself in the way of a blessing. Always reach out for help when you feel the hands of frustration choking you. Always call upon the reserves of truth you know when your soul support systems feel low.

Always let your inner speech reflect whatever is possible in the moment as opposed to you don’t want to happen; what is beneficial to dwell upon rather than what is destructive and painful.

Always reach for the next highest thought and the next highest emotion and the next highest action… then you will be in the right line for the next highest rewards.

I don’t just write things that are positive because I want to pretend that only positive seeming things happen to me. I do it because I know there are many blessings in the seeming storms. Proved that again in these past few days. I work with the positive because to do the opposite of that would be to pray for what I don’t want. MW AH Michael Holgate



Lenten Reflections:

Sometimes we wonder why we get ill-treated in ways we KNOW we don’t deserve…and then in a rare flash of insight, life shows us how it was preparing us to love and appreciate something so good.

The truth is also that life does not give us what we don’t deserve. What was really happening is that we were in a process of managing and reforming a concept of self that no longer served us. It is the willingness to change that triggers stuff… but there is no need to dwell on any experience that showed us where we placed wrong energy. Getting the lesson is our primary duty here. Getting the blessing flows naturally from that. MW AH Michael Holgate



Lenten Reflections:

Anything you have to cheat to get is either not worthy of you or you clearly believe you are not worthy of it. In other words- whatever is calling your spirit deserves better than someone who feels the need to cheat. The word ‘cheat’ as I’m using it here is not a moralistic thing to inspire guilt or fear of punishment and ideas of right and wrong or produce religious fervor in search of witches to burn at the stake.

No. The word ‘cheat’ as I’m using it here is simple. What you send out to the universe returns to you. If your energy is vibrating on the level where you believe in your heart that you are deliberately undercutting someone else’s value or shortchanging someone or taking what does not belong to you…then your world will reflect that shortchange… Not because God is punishing you. But because you are punishing yourself by believing that you don’t deserve the best and don’t deserve to have something that fully claims you in a clear and certain way.

If you don’t believe you are worth having a full experience of life and things for yourself you are cheating yourself. You deserve what you think you deserve. And you get what you deep down think you deserve…always. so to increase and improve what you get from Life, you don’t need to run anything or anyone down – you don’t need to undercut anyone from what they have. You simply need to stop undercutting yourself. You deserve more… much more… as much more as you can believe you deserve. MW AH Michael Holgate