Overcome to become

Life is too short to not live joyously. Don’t self sabotage.

True empowerment is:

when the bothersome things that used to be so major become minor; When it would have shattered you before but now you stand unmoved; when you would have felt so angry but now you feel at peace; when you would have been so disappointed, distraught and depressed but instead you are willing to let it be. That’s empowerment at work on You. You arrive there through self work. If you are not doing self work, you are likely self sabotaging.

Things will always be happening in life that don’t necessarily fall in line with what you would like. If you are not processing these things and cleaning up your understanding of self, then you are likely self sabotaging. If you are not seeking to accept and love yourself more and take better care of your self, then you are likely self sabotaging. If you think loving yourself and accepting your self is selfish, then you are definitely self sabotaging.

Don’t allow your self-sabotaging spirit to keep you from the life and things you say you want. Constant self work is not about over-processing and over-analyzing and over-thinking. That’s not what I’m recommending here. I’m speaking about letting go of things that are not worth your peace of mind. It takes work to truly forgive because we often don’t want to but not forgiving piles up centuries of work on your soul. So deliberately work on yourself, not just with forgiveness (although that is a major part of our empowerment work). Sometimes the self work is just letting go. Sometimes it is claiming and maintaining. But you know it is self work when it is lifting you higher and lifting your spirits. If a confrontation or a thought or a relationship leaves you feeling disempowered, you KNOW it. So self work is necessary. Not working on yourself when you recognise that energy of disempowerment, or when negative energy takes over your life is self sabotage.

It is not always clear what the empowerment work needs to be. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in self sabotaging behaviour that we wouldn’t recognize our best choices if they painted a rainbow in the sky with our name on it. So that’s why we often need to take a step back and let go everything and see what stays. Then look at that. Sometimes just the willingness to let go is enough to tell us things about ourselves.

Sometimes we need to just let spirit work it out and don’t force things to work. Relax and enjoy life and keep making small decisions that lead you closer and closer to where you want to be and who you ought to be. MW AH Michael Holgate