The Habit of Self Sabotage (Part 3)

You will never be safe enough. So be yourself anyway.

You will never be wise enough so follow your inner wisdom anyway.

You will never be beautiful enough so accept your self anyway

The point is that if you expect your search for completion to be fulfilled by something outside of yourself, yours will be a never ending quest. In the Spanish conquistadors’ search for the fabled city of Eldorado, they failed to realise that the treasure they sought was highly subjective anyway. In other words, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. In other words, who is to say that if they found that city of God it wouldn’t have been a city of cowrie shells because what they were told is that there is a city of immeasurable treasure and they mistook that to mean that the way their informant saw treasure is gold, when what was really valuable or a treasure to that people was something else completely. In other words, what if they had seen the treasure in the humanity they came upon in their journey across the world and instead worked to value, appreciate and develop themselves and all the human capacity they encountered? What kind of would would we have now? What would be possible? AND- WHAT TREASURE IS THERE NOW SLEEPING IN YOUR SOUL WHILE YOU GO IN SEARCH FOR FALSE GOLD?

So here goes again.

You will never be safe, wise, beautiful enough, but you are enough…

You will never be accepted fully by everyone anyway- and it’s the need to be accepted that destroys your courage. Your courage is the foundation of a life lived in truth. It’s only a life lived in self acceptance that can enrich the world, by first Valuing, loving and caring for SELF.

You will never be enough for anyone- it’s the working to fill everyone’s cup with the essence of your beingness that robs YOU of YOUR truth, because your truth was meant for you-meant to perfect you. Yes you can share your truth and the whole world benefit from that sharing – but it us not the sharing that is the truth… it is the self acceptance that is of primary value. Self acceptance is places you in touch with your truth. And every time you don’t stand in YOUR truth you are living a lie. And when you falsify any aspect of your nature you destroy a bit of your soul and strengthen your ego. You can’t destroy spirit- so fret not. But that ego shell encasing the personality you have spent these many years creating as You, can be cracked and let in things that destroy you from inside out. That personality is important and it’s the truth that keeps it in place.

Your biggest tool to undo self sabotage is the willingness to: take action to know your truth and live the truth you know. Without that, you can never know peace – and ‘what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?’ You can never be at peace if you don’t stand in your truth and speak It, act it, live it, BE it. It matters not if you are a Queen or a ‘helper, a president or streetsweeper. Without the will to stand in the truth that you know, you will be like a man firmly planted in quicksand. Your movements and struggle will be to no avail. Even if you are so coordinated that it looks to the world like you are dancing, you will know in your own soul that you are drowning in air. Self sabotage is real. It is the unwillingness to know the truth that floats your boat and the unwillingness to stand in and live the truth you know.

So many people fight an inward battle with themselves daily because they are at war with the core and essence of their selves. This is true at the level of race, career, sexuality, gender, social class and other societal constructs. If your spine has only been painted on and you can’t stand for what you believe you will always crumble in the face of the life you truly want to live. If your spine is putty because of years of self segregation where you have false concepts to hold your healthy, whole, valuable aspect of your being in subjugation to another healthy, whole aspect of your being- because you lied to yourself that a part of who you are is not good enough to complete and share in all of who you are then you are destroying the very foundation of your soul. This self segregation is self sabotage.

Until you know that your full humanity is your perfection and that acceptance of your true nature perfects you, you will not know the feeling of wholeness experienced by an empowered man who lives a life of meaning, value and purpose as a matter of course and thrives in the joy and livity of being FULLY ALIVE. MW AH Michael Holgate