Be who you ‘Already Are…in the future.’

Yes. BE WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. Let your habits show you how.

Be who you ‘Already Are’ in the future. Not who you want to be. Your frame of mind and operation is different for each state of ‘who you are being.’ I never say the word ‘humans.’ It irks my spirit. I always say Human Beings because it feels correct to focus on who we are being moment by moment. We become who we are all day long. We become who we are minute to minute. We are what our habits dictate. We are who we have always been until new habits tell us otherwise.

We are more habit-creatures than anything else… what habits can you cultivate today? What seed can you plant today and nurture it one day at a time until your habit is the perfection of an attitude that supports you living as the highest version of yourself? What dream of yours could benefit from a habit you start today?…. That thing which in 100 days time as a habit would make you be amazed at yourself and your life will show that a change and transformation has come over you. NOT a resolution. A resolution is more like a debate you will have with yourself every day as to who you are or want to be. Forget that for now. What habit could you adopt today that is the kind of habit you would have if you ‘already were’ who you want to be?

No New Years resolution can fix you. Find one habit that represents that evolved person you want to be. Undoubtedly, a fit, healthy person eats and exercises differently from the not so fit person. This is not merely a matter of resolution or arguing with yourself daily. It is about making a simple decision to take a simple action daily… yes EVERY DAY of your life… even Sundays… even when you are not feeling well.

Make the habit really workable. If you have to scale it down on a particular day then do so but don’t NOT do it. You don’t make it a habit by letting opportunities slide. You must give in.

Your habit of procrastination does not need a day off. It is committed. It has become you. What habit would you prefer to ‘become you’ instead? Create it. Use small actions to create that habit. Your habit of deflecting or ‘not accepting compliments’ is not a big deal- or is it? If you can’t accept compliments you likely don’t feel like you are good enough.

Let’s face it- most of us just don’t feel we are ‘good enough.’ Yes, we are good at this or good at that, but ‘good enough’ covers it all because it simply means WORTHY. What simple habit of worthiness can you cultivate today by planting an ‘action-seed’? That one simple thing which you could do every day and transform your life because it represents who you would like to be FROM the PLACE of who YOU ‘would-like-to-be’ as opposed to from the place of who you are now… wanting and struggling to be that person.

Becoming that higher version of yourself is not about struggle or wanting. You must FEARLESSLY ACT AS IF you were that person already. TODAY. Not tomorrow. NOW. Not later. You get to the place of being that person you want to be by being that person you want to be NOW. Yes, I have found some virtue in the statement ‘Fake it Till You Make It,’ but I’m finding more success now in ‘Being It-Bit by Bit- A habit at a time.

Everyone has habits. I’ve said it before. Let me say it again… Everyone has habits. The persons you revere have habits. The persons you dislike have habits. The person you want to become has habits. What are they? How are those habits of theirs different from your habits now? AND how can you Upgrade your habits and become that higher version of yourself right now?

But how do you know when you have a new habit?:
-It becomes part of your routine – like driving to work.
-You hardly have to think about it while doing it – like balancing while riding a bicycle.
-Its an automatic practice like reaching for the phone as soon as morning lights.

Why not make habits of success your routine and practice? In other words… why not make those small habits of your future fittest, most healthy, most loving, most successful self your NOW habits?

What ten things could you do EVERYDAY for 2018 that could transform your life? As said before, Forget about New Year’s Resolutions…or rather support them with a small consistent action. A commitment to doing ten simple tasks everyday in 2018 could transform your life. What are your ten things? Here are some suggestions:
– dress daily for success
– be courageously Alive, fun and connected with at least one person you don’t know that well
– at least ten minutes of meditation daily
– blog daily
– a daily ten set exercise routine including pushups/crunches/chin-ups/squats
– a half hour of vocal exercises daily
– a half hour of stretching
– 10 to 30 minutes daily of some training routine such as dance, martial arts, swimming, etc.
– listen to something motivating on YouTube daily (maybe even from a preferred source)
– write in a journal for ten minutes daily
– write everyday for at least an hour on that book or thesis you have been wanting to do/complete
– do imagination filled affirmations for ten minutes
– Spend half-Hour to 1 Hour EVERYDAY learning a special skill at the University of Google… video editing; auto mechanics; computer coding; public speaking; songwriting; Asian cooking; business management; sales and marketing…

Possibilities are endless. What will be your daily Power Ten, starting on the morning of January 1, 2018… and continue through to December 31, 2018? WHATEVER IT IS – IT COULD TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.