Re-Invent your wholeness.

Re-invent your wholeness. Forgive. Forgive something every day.  You can never quite put back the pieces of a cracked plate together no matter how good the glue. Good news – you are not a plate. The real essence of you is your non-physical self.

We spend so much time seeing and touching and smelling and sensing that we think that is all there is to us. We forget how much time we spend thinking, feeling and imagining. In fact, isn’t that the real world we inhabit? As invisible as it is, thats where we really live.

Good news- that part of you cannot be shattered. It only feels like it can when we hold on to beliefs about ourselves based in dead circumstances. And dead circumstances are any thing that have already happened, like that breath you just exhaled….GONE. Anything that haunts and shatters you is something you are choosing to hold on to. Choose the things that reinforce how whole and complete you are. Choose wisely. Nothing that has already passed has power over you except for your power to choose to dwell on it in this now moment. You can dwell forever if you choose or you can make it like it never happened. If it never happened, what wiuld you be doing now? How would you be acting, thinking, feeling or operating now?

Use your imagination wisely. Make everything that is unwholesome disappear. People talk about learning from bad experiences as if repeating them over and over in their head will make them choose better next time. No. As an artist I know that repetition reaffirms and reinforces.  Does a scientist repeat the same failed experiment again and again? No. She tries something new until she gets good results. Try something new today. Mentally practice a newer, better you. Use your imagination to fix that higher version of yourself in reality. Mentally re-invent your wholeness and your entire world will fall in line to make it so. Re-invent your wholeness today.