Like Yourself a lot. Don’t people please..

Note #6 from Higher Self to me

Being liked is not a virtue. The real virtue is in being yourself. This doesnt mean that being mean is a good thing. This is about needing to being liked so much that you use that as your decision making strategy. It does not wirk because… being liked is NOT a virtue.  And therefore- playing small in order to be liked is not virtuous but disempowered.   Better to stand up for yourself and disallow any attempts to discredit you or disrespect you. But note… the power is not in your push back or fighting ability. Empowerment lies in your ability and willingness to walk away from what no longer serves you. What I am speaking about here is a mental attitude that no longer serves you. If you wall away fromva situation of disrespect but hold on to the mental space that accepts it, you will meet other situations, people and faces that MUST comply with the demands if your mental attitude. Needing to be liked is a mental attitude that translates into other people’s world as ‘This person values me without discretion and so must not value himself/herself enough, to be worth my time or investment.’ Dont seek so much to please that you lose your respectability by being a ‘people pleaser’ over being a person worthy of being pleased.

‘People Pleasing’ is a difficult full time job with poor pay. There are no clear job outcomes.  They change with time and there is a high chance you will be disrespected. Being disrespected does not make you more acceptable to spirit and therefore accepting that is unacceptable to your Higher Self. It is much better to create boundaries that declare how you see yourself and insist that you are treated that way. Again dont fight… just move away physically and mentally from circumstances and situations and mental spaces that are not in synch with how you choose to be.

You have a spiritual right to disengage from any situation that is emotionally unhealthy. Everyone has a right to project their energy wherever they want to but you dont have to be a screen for the showcase of their stuff. Show your own stuff… ALWAYS.  Like yourself. Like yourself alot. Accept yourself. Like and accept yourself enough to always be yourself. Being yourself is a virtue. It is the highest virtue… especially when your intention is to always be in alignment with your Higher Self.