Be there in Mind first

Note #9 from Higher Self

There is ALWAYS a way… to anything and to anywhere.

Just because you dont know the way doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It only means you are not yet open to the way. In fact, there are always multiple ways possible to the results, solutions, doors, achievements you seek. You often just don’t see any of them because of your position in relation to what you see as the problem or challenge.

You tend to approach these problems or challenges from somewhere below it. That seems logical. It only makes sense to think that if you knew the answer you would already have the results. So DON’T make sense. Don’t only be rational, reasonable or sensible in the face of an obstacle. Think creatively. If the obstacle is a mountain that you must climb, dont only position yourself at the bottom and try to find ways to thw top. Before you even begin your climb, position yourself at the top in your imagination and track yourself back from the path you took to get there.

Your rational nind may argue that imagination has never been there so how would it know how to guide you through but it has always been the power of imagination that produces real results. Imagination has Higher Powers, pun intended… if you get it. But make sure you get this:

If you stopped imagining you would stop growing.

There is a place for logic and deductive reasoning but it is not the thing to be placed solely in the driver’s seat when your intention is growth and development or overcoming what already exists. Your reasoning mind can only work with what already exists. Your creative mind works that nonphysical spirit-mind matter and sees what doesn’t exist as if it already does. Your imaginative mind can place itself in places that no one has gone before. If you only know yourself according to how your rational mind positions you, then you will only know the limitations that the world has constructed for people like you. If you are unreasonable enough to fearlessly give power to your imagination, there is no obstacle that can’t be surmounted.

The real challenge however is that living with your head in the clouds is also counter-productive. You must come down from those clouds or high places of creative visualization or contemplation and move your feet. You must keep moving in the direction of the mountaintop.

It will be as if you have created two versions of your Self. One YOU will be at the foot to the mountaintop walking up while the other you will be at the top of the mountain guiding you up. But get this, it is lonely at the top of that mountain for your creative self if your active physical self is not moving and stepping in that direction. It is also an exercise in futility for the active self that doesn’t creatively see the  possibility at the end of the journey.

The man or woman who won’t pull himself into action through a fearless employment of the imagination alongside the rational mind and intellect, is not ready to allow their genius to so shine in the world that they become instantly recognisable by that ONE name. (Yes, that is a thing. I just said so…) Einstein, Marley, Hannibal, Caesar, (place one of your names here and go to the mountaintop)… King.