Don’t be a slug… forgive it all.

Note #10 from Higher Self

Forgiveness is the key to your health and well-being. You have been told that before but you haven’t often been told how to forgive and its not always easy.

When you want to forgive someone for your own sake, think back to anything you have ever done that falls in line with that same seemingly unforgivable action or behaviour or word. You have likely done or said something that shattered someone else’s feelings. You probably have just not placed yourself in the other person’s world to know how badly your actions affected them.  Remember that hurt can feel just as bad for a small thing as much as for a large thing.

Your unforgiveness is hurting you and everyone you come into contact with. You are a walking talking mass of emotional energy waiting to be unleashed on the world. When you add unforgiveness to this mass that you are, you become a walking talking mass of pent up negative emotional energy and stuff – waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Do you really want to forgive? Then use your imagination and do this exercise… picture your unforgiveness as clumps of waste matter clinging to your body and swirling around in your aura… like a SLUG. Yes, disgusting.  I know. But so is unforgiveness.

A slug is a creature that produces a mucus to protect its body from danger and predators. Thats what you think you are doing when you dont forgive.  You think you are holding on to the hurt to protect yourself from being hurt again as well as to punish the person who hurt you. Remember though that what you hold on to is in your hand or in you. All the actions you carry out as a result of this unforgiveness are your actions. You have chosen to store up negative stuff and memories and interpretations as a result of that traumatic event or series of events.  You are choosing to revisit the energy of that event on yourself over and over again like a drug you are addicted to. You are self-inflicting a toxin into your body and being when you practice unforgiveness.

You think you are being wise and justified and righteous but you are really just being a slug. All that is being said here is specifically about you and your well-being. Forgiveness is for you. If there are actions to be taken in the law, take them but forgive while you take them. If there are decisions to be made, make them but forgive while you make them.  Let no negative situation so hold you captive that you give it permission to destroy your own Self.

All that stuff you are holding on to can sometimes show up in your body as illness and unnecessary weight and pains. In addition to that, your unforgiveness causes you to act in ways that leaves a trail of slime behind you, that is often just as bad as what you refuse to forgive. Don’t allow your Self to become a slug because of anything or anyone. No one and nothing is worth holding on to that nasty stuff. It will only make you sluggish.

Forgive everyone in your life. Drop the mental mucus and stop the slime.
And most importantly Forgive yourself.