Emancipated Soul Chronicles 1

If you can revisit a concept of liberation day after day in mind, your body and your life won’t be far behind. The emancipation of self from any activity or person or vice or device is never just a one time activity. It is all about where and how you show up. Keep showing up where you used to be before your liberation and you haven’t really moved house. You just went to the corner shop to buy groceries.

Keep showing up as the person you were before your liberation decision and you havent really shifted into a new world, you have simply bought a pair of binoculars and peeped into a neighbour’s yard. Where you are is where you are… by virtue of how you think, feel, speak, act and react.

If you are thinking like the person who is now liberated from the former things that held you captive, and yet you consistently return to that place of feeling the same old hurts and pains of that former time, you are not liberated. You are where your emotions take you. If you act from a higher space of liberation and yet when an uncomfortable experience comes you react from the old space you should have been liberated from, you are not liberated. You are a mental prisoner. Challenging experiences are often opportunities to stake your claim in the new world. Reacting from the space of the ‘old world’ is an indication of chains worn on the inside. Again- you cant think, feel, speak, act and react from who you were and be in the liberated new place that you want to be.

Instead, You MUST keep revisiting the new space that set you free. You MUST dwell in the emotional energy of that new space of freedom. You MUST act with conviction from that emancipated MIND space.
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery” are just words. They are Marcus garvey’s words powerfully set to song by Bob Marley. If they are ONLY worlds for you, then you are NOT emancipated. Again I say: think, feel, speak, act and react from the new space of emancipation and stop wearing your inside chains out to every party that will have you.