I don’t even have to ask – all of us have felt or been under tremendous pressure at some point in our lives. Many times it is people-pressure. Sometimes people expect you to fail and some want you to fail. Just stand your ground. Don’t ever allow yourself to be pulled into anyone’s emotional dramas. Love people enough to save yourself now, so that you can save them later when they are awake and open to you. Stand back from their dramas but stand your ground.

Sometimes people will hurt and disappoint you. Sometimes they know what they are doing and sometimes they dont. Most times, they are simply trying to survive the world and life from whatever perspective they have of it. People with a limited perspective of the world and of life can do a lot of damage in order to survive. In the face of their machinations and manipulations, stand your ground. In time they will see themselves but it is not your responsibility to stop them nor convert them. The moment you start looking in their direction with an intention to fix their like or dislike of you is the moment you have stepped off YOUR course.

The moment you listen to their painful expressions of fear- which is anything that is not your truth or reality or intention- is the moment you get distracted. Stand your ground.

When you are in the right, keep going. Don’t  retreat. People will say things. Dont retreat. People will do things that shock you. Dont retreat. You will have to do things that shock you about yourself, if you stand your ground in truth and integrity. You will do things you have to do. Fret not. People will understand this for themselves later on.

There are always more people on your side than you know. ALSO…. There are always more enemies than you know. Stop looking for them and enemies disappear- because as the African saying goes “if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm. Wherever enemies exist they will eat themselves up if you are spiritually-mentally-emotionally unavailable for their feast of fury, chaos and confusion-sowing. Simply look in the direction that serves your soul growth and development. Trust yourself. The world is a beautiful place when you see the TRUTH in it… and the truth is that you have the power to shape your world. See it beautiful. See it clearly. Be clear about what you are seeing and what you want to see. See the world from responsible eyes.  Not because you made everything or broke anything but because you have powerto shape your world through your perspective and attitude. Stand your ground in truth and watch all that is untrue fall away.