Follow your spirit

What you need is available but are you? Are you available for what you say you need? Or are you focussed and fixated on why you dont yet have what you need? What you focus on makes a difference.

We spend so much time looking at what we don’t have. We are not even aware how distracted we are. We are taught to wait on approval to live life the way we want. Approve for yourself. Approve of yourself. You have nothing to lose but your self doubts and insecurities. They might never disappear completely but how wonderful it is when you are not controlled by them.

When opportunities come knocking, and you can recognise that your procrastination is just your fears and doubts showing up, you have a better chance to take inspired action. You are less likely to limit yourself according to concerns about the perception that someone else might possibly have of you. You are less likely to give your power away to someone who is not living their own dreams yet feels comfortable telling you how to achieve yours.

Success is a very personal thing. There is no one size fits all. We may assume that everyone wants to be a billionaire, Brad Pitt, Beyonce or Bob Marley but that is not true. Every soul longs for its own special brand of fulfillment and that looks different for everyone. That also means that not every route to success will suit everyone. There are many different paths.

Dont believe that you have to follow anyone else’s path. Just be available for what you say you want. That means you spend less time thinking about what you don’t want. It means you spend less time listening to people who paint mind pictures about the difficulties of getting what you do want. That means you don’t apologize for living life the way you want to. It means you dont allow others to decide whether you are good enough or not to be what you want to be or do. It means that when spirit whispers words of wisdom in your ears, you don’t ignore or deny them in favour of anyone else’s words. No matter how wise someone else is, their wisdom cannon supersede the inner callings of your own soul.

MW AH Michael Holgate